Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dallas Taylor interventionist 2010

I can't believe we're half way thru 2010 and so much time has gone by since I retired
 or, "was retired", from the music business. I was luckier than most musicians, who played on some of the greatest records in history, I survived! and  stumbled into a second chance to help thousands of people to survive alcoholism and drug addiction. Like with music, I was taught by the best in addiction services. Oh yes, and it's been 19 years since my liver transplant, and 3 + years since my wife loved me enough to give up a kidney to once again, save my life. It's hard not to have survivors guilt. All I've really done is try not to be an asshole, and not really done that well . I can only keep trying. I  have managed to not be a junky or drunk, for over 28 years, and have become successful at helping families and individuals, to also survive alcohol and drugs. At least now, I'm of some use to humanity!
  Doing an intervention on people is rarely easy, but like the drums, I am good at it.